Microphone check. Testing 1,2,3. Podcast collab – Unit 3 Argument Analysis

My first degree was a media degree. I studied, film, journalism, and digital photography (this was a new thing back then and before the fancy mobile phones that took photos – yes, I’m THAT old). Anyway, one of the courses that I completed was radio production. I loved it. I was told I had the face for radio (what does that even mean? LOL!!). So here I am putting my face to the mic and dipping my toes into the murky waters of podcasts.

This particular podcast is about Argument Analysis in Unit 3 English. I sat down with three of my Year 12 students who had very pressing questions about approaching their upcoming SAC for this area of study. We talked about ways to identify the argument in texts, how to discuss language, how to structure an essay (there is a blog coming about that I promise), and how to avoid listing persuasive techniques to keep your essays zesty.

Thank you to my students (Kate M. Joanne L. and Oli M) for being involved as I pulled them out of their study session and bribed them with chocolate, but also to my colleague Sonia Murr for editing and publishing on her podcast Reading Beyond the Lines https://readingbeyondthelines.buzzsprout.com/ we are having a heap of fun producing this.

Argument Analysis – Preparing for the upcoming Unit 3 SAC: a Q&A Reading Beyond the Lines

In this episode, Ms Roncevic answers some student questions about the best approaches to the Argument Analysis SAC. Listen in for advice on identifying argument, structuring the essay, avoiding a shopping list of persuasive techniques and writing about tone. Thanks to Kilvington Grammar students Kate, Ollie and Joanne for their questions!
  1. Argument Analysis – Preparing for the upcoming Unit 3 SAC: a Q&A
  2. Unit 1 English – The Personal Response: in their own words
  3. Sunset Boulevard, The Creative SAC – A Year 12 English Student Takeover
  4. Approaching the Personal Response: Unit 1 Reading and Exploring Texts
  5. Picnic At Hanging Rock Close Analysis – Unit 3 VCE Literature

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